About me

My Coaching Philosophy

Having a lived experience of feeling different and journeying with groups and businesses to experience a sense of belonging, I believe in enabling ourselves to liberate from our limiting self-beliefs, consciously transcend our challenges, and experience the freedom to be who we truly and genuinely are.

My coaching philosophy is based on my values of integrity, freedom, personal power, treating people fairly and equitably, social justice, empathy, and sovereignty, that has shaped my life growing up in South Africa during a very challenging and dark time of apartheid. My approach integrates my intuition and experience as a gay and brown professional, executive, and Board Member working with diverse people worldwide.

As a coach and mentor, I help create a safe and non-judgmental sanctuary to freely explore your wants, desires, and dreams and challenge your own limiting self-beliefs, ways of working, obstacles and paradigms that no longer serve us or that stands in the way of the lives you wish to live. My approach facilitates exploring and accessing your higher truths, wisdom, self-value, and unique gifts, empowering you to live as you want.

My coaching approach helps you to focus on what matters most to achieve your personal and professional goals by providing simple and practical tools, resources, and support you may need to succeed. I thrive on creating a coaching relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to development, growth, and personal transformation.

I thrive on helping people connect to their authentic selves and liberate themselves to achieve the success, abundance, and prosperity they aspire to and wish for.

Meet the Squad of Awesome Coaches and Advisors

At equarius8, I collaborate with like-minded coaches with different skill sets who focus on business, professional and executive, life, and spiritual coaching to provide holistic and tailored services to meet your needs. Meet the super-coaches and advisors I collaborate with for customised awesomeness!

Rakhi Singh

Coach, Empowering Women, Transforming Teams

Sole Satiam

Spiritual & Life Coach, Personal & Professional Development Creator, and Team Facilitator

Sanjay Bhogaita MSc CPBP

Coach, Team Facilitation, Cultural Change and Leadership Programme Design