Mother, yoga, meditation and bioenergetic practices teacher, Jungian Astrologer, Tarotist, eternal traveller, and student, and with a master’s and bachelor’s degree in business sciences, Sole has spent more than twenty years offering individual and group sessions, as well as guiding initiation journeys.

For Sole, the spiritual and personal development work of the 21st century requires a pragmatic approach that helps people feel empowered in all areas of their life. Feeling a massive fascination for Celtic wisdom and Arthurian mythology, Sole left her career in Spain and moved to Ireland in 2005. Her experience in Ireland turned into a healing self-discovery quest, choosing to leave the business world and immerse herself in the study of many ancient healing traditions. In seeking to understand hidden knowledge, and given her mystical approach to her spiritual practice, she has travelled and lived in diverse places such as Spain, Mexico, France, India, and England, researching and working with different ancient wisdoms. She loves holding ceremonial spaces and facilitating groups and individuals into the more profound mysteries.

Coaching Philosophy

Her lived experience, unique spiritual gifts and a lengthy international professional career in healing therapies and spiritual practice as a mentor and spiritual advisor give her an exceptional talent for coaching and mentoring people from all walks of life who choose to embark on incorporating spirituality into work and all aspects of life. Her mission is to help others find their passion and access the best quality of life, so they can make a living doing what they love.