“Faried is a fantastic coach! I didn’t really know what to expect when I stated coaching sessions, I was hopeful that Faried would appreciate some of the unique challenges that I face because we shared some similar aspects to our identities. I was blown away by his empathy and commitment to me and the process. Faried remembered small details of my life and experience and continued to tailor his approach as he learnt more about me. Faried opened my eyes to how I am in charge of my narrative both professionally and personally.”

Rey Ahmed
Director – Business Development & LGBTQ+ Network Chair (Financial Services, London, UK)

“Faried has been a fantastic coach for me. A journey of consciously discovering my values, brand, goals, challenges & leadership skills has been an eye-opener. It has been helping me to be a better leader, take decisions confidently, reduce stress, bring intentionality to my actions & the ultimate feeling of fulfilment in all aspects of my life.”

Puneet Kumar Arora
Senior Program Manager (Financial Services, Singapore)

“I first started working with Faried during an extremely challenging period at work, which was amplified by a lot of change and uncertainly. During the 6 months in which we worked together, Faried was truly my north star, providing invaluable advice, motivation, and guidance. His compassionate approach, authentic nature and strategic ability really challenged my thinking, turning problems into viable, practical solutions, that resulted in very positive outcomes for me personally. Whilst working with Faried I have grown in confidence, and I have learnt my value. I now feel confidently inspired and empowered, which has helped provide greater clarity about myself as a person and my future career goals.

I cannot speak highly enough of my time working with Faried and would encourage anyone who wants to make a difference in their workplace to start their journey with him!”

Mark Thomas
Head of Marketing (Media, London, UK)

“I can say with absolute certainty that my experience of executive coaching and mentoring from Faried has exceeded my expectations in a manner that I could not even begin to imagine. The reasons for this are two. First, it was evident from the outset that Faried has the structure, experience, knowledge, and credibility to add significant value as my executive coach. Second, Faried’s experience is underpinned by his integrity, razor-sharp intellect, empathy, and unyielding passion for what he does. For these reasons (amongst others) Faried is able to help one get to the core of one is, what one wants and how one can establish one’s own framework for bringing this to life. I am not subject to hyperbole, but for me this was a life changing experience and for those looking for the next step in their career but are not sure as to how they take it, then this is route for them.

I cannot recommend Faried’s service highly enough. If you want guidance that will help you take the next step in your career, I implore you to consider Faried as your executive coach. You will not regret it.”

Sennay Zerihun
Global Account Manager – Enterprise and Technology Sector (Technology, Manchester, UK)

Faried is an exceptional coach who has helped me to identify my strengths and have the courage to use them. Working with Faried has helped me immeasurably in all aspects of my life. He has challenged the way that I think, so that I am more intentional with my choices and daily behaviours. Working with Faried has enabled me to gain clarity over my goals and I now feel empowered to shape my future.

Shazia Ahmed
Director Regulatory Compliance (Financial Services, London, UK)

“I worked with Faried for 6 months during a time when I had just started a new leadership role and my employer was going through structural changes. The experience truly changed how I was able to approach each challenge, whether internal or external. He was an exceptional listener; picking up on what was said but also unsaid. His insightful questions and calm demeanour created a safe yet challenging environment for deeper discussions; I was able to grow and realize my own potential and learnt to understand and manage imposter syndrome. A year since we started the coaching, I feel like a completely different person and I can see that my team have felt the benefits and been empowered vicariously; I feel stronger as an individual, manager, and leader. I’ve been able to reflect on my leadership style, my values, and focus my actions on a practical way to drive progress through our organisation’s transformation, and my own career. I cannot stress enough how much I valued the dedicated time with Faried. Thank you.”

Ameya Shah
Senior Finance Director (Media, London, UK)

“Working with Faried has been a transformative experience. His personalised coaching approach has helped me gain clarity, focus, and confidence in both my personal and professional life. Faried’s genuine care for my growth and his ability to guide and challenge me in a supportive manner has resulted in profound self-discovery and meaningful change. I highly recommend Faried to anyone seeking to unlock their potential and achieve their goals.”

Julius Kirumira
Head of Audit, UK and Europe (Financial Services, London, UK)