Rakhi is an experienced, dynamic coach, facilitator, and consultant with a unique perspective, driven by curiosity and a passion for helping clients thrive. Her ability to cultivate strong relationships, radiate positive energy, and combine pragmatism with strong business acumen makes her an asset to her clients.

With extensive expertise in organizational development, change management, culture, coaching, leadership development, and talent management, Rakhi has successfully led strategic initiatives in global organizations. Her qualifications and accreditations include a Master of Science in Applied Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology, an Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Labour and Organizational Studies, EQ assessor and coach, Team EQ, Physical Intelligence Coach, Hogan Leadership, Balanced Score Card and Career Coaching.

Coaching Philosophy:

Rakhi’s coaching philosophy centres around the power of relationships. She believes that meaningful connections with oneself, others, and the world are essential for personal and professional growth. By guiding clients to explore their internal lives and foster collaborative partnerships, Rakhi empowers individuals to find true meaning, belonging, and success.

Rakhi’s values are rooted in justice, empowerment, and inclusion. She is committed to creating a coaching environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Rakhi champions a culture of respect, collaboration, and authenticity, ensuring that her clients can embrace their true selves and achieve their greatest goals.

Rakhi specializes in working with a diverse range of clients, including female leaders, emerging leaders, senior leaders, and teams.


Drawing from her own transformative journey of introspection and growth. Rakhi’s coaching approach embraces radical self-awareness, empathy, and accountability as catalysts for transformative growth. Leveraging her twenty years of global experience, with a deep understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives she seamlessly integrates scientific knowledge, spiritual insights, and intuitive wisdom to develop emotionally intelligent and resilient leaders who align with their authentic selves.

Whether it’s helping female leaders break through barriers, nurturing the potential of emerging leaders, guiding senior leaders in strategic decision-making, or fostering collaboration within teams, Rakhi’s expertise and empathetic approach deliver impactful results.