“I worked with Faried for 6 months during a time when I had just started a new leadership role and my employer was going through structural changes. The experience truly changed how I was able to approach each challenge, whether internal or external. He was an exceptional listener; picking up on what was said but also unsaid. His insightful questions and calm demeanour created a safe yet challenging environment for deeper discussions; I was able to grow and realize my own potential and learnt to understand and manage imposter syndrome. A year since we started the coaching, I feel like a completely different person and I can see that my team have felt the benefits and been empowered vicariously; I feel stronger as an individual, manager, and leader. I’ve been able to reflect on my leadership style, my values, and focus my actions on a practical way to drive progress through our organisation’s transformation, and my own career. I cannot stress enough how much I valued the dedicated time with Faried. Thank you.”